The cloud of unknowing

In my bedroom hang two brush and ink drawings given to me by an American-Chinese artist. The first is of a Buddhist monk with a tall staff setting off on his journey into a thick wall of mist. This is an image of our journey in meditation. Day in, month in, patiently we persevere in this cloud of unknowing. The second picture shows the same monk seated cross-legged on a precipice, looking down at a storm raging in the valley below. And so, at times when we are meditating, hidden resentments, jealousies, lusts, distractions may assail us. Our task is not to try and repress them but to look them steadily in the face and then continue our silent meditation. Meditation is about letting go, emptying ourselves so that we may be filled with silence and all the richness that arises from our unconscious.


2 thoughts on “The cloud of unknowing”

  1. Dear James, Thank you! A very helpful reminder not to worry or fret, but to let go, trust and carry on quietly. I lam reminded of that wonderful poem by RS Thomas, first line is “But the silence in the mind…” which sits on my bedside table.
    With love,

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