At the cross-roads

Christians make the sign of the cross, thinking in terms of the Trinity, but this sign, this meeting of the opposites, is to be found in many cultures throughout history. We reach upwards for strength and draw it down deep into us. Having done that, we then make a horizontal line, from left to right, cutting across the vertical. And it is at the centre of this tension that we unite the opposites within us.

As Carl Jung wrote, ‘Collectively we cannot do anything; the only place where we can do anything is in ourselves.’ If we are in the place where all opposites are united, it has an inexplicable effect upon our surroundings. It is in this sense that I make the sign of the cross before meditating.


4 thoughts on “At the cross-roads”

  1. I agree with Elizabeth completely and am thankful to that Blessed Holy Trinity for your continuing gifts!
    With love

  2. Thank you James. These words are just right for me at this moment: in a time of change and decision when strength is needed and the unpredictable cuts across the way ahead.

  3. Thank you for thsi reminder, James. Time and again in therapy I see outward things change for my clients – and for myself – after inward change happens. The inner life is the starting place.

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