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The Bleddfa Centre is run by the Bleddfa Trust, a charitable organisation set up in 1974 to provide, in the words of James Roose-Evans, ‘a Centre for those exploring the relationship between creativity and spirituality and how the two can lead to a richer and fuller life for each of us, enabling people to find something to nourish and replenish the spirits’.

Starting life in the old village school, now the Old School Gallery, the Centre has expanded to include a group of renovated agricultural buildings that make up the Hall Barn and the Charlesworth Chapel, a place for workshops, seminars, meditations, retreats, films and meetings of many kinds. Set in beautiful countryside on the border of Mid Wales, the Trust works through the Centre to enable and encourage, inspire and innovate in many areas of creativity and spirituality, with special commitments to community, sharing and place; and to reaching out to the young.

We offer an opportunity for people to explore how the creative arts, together with philosophical and spiritual traditions, can illuminate and enrich life. We do not promote any particular system of belief: the principles of inclusivity and well-being are of paramount importance. Our workshops in the Hall Barn have both an educational and experiential content, helping participants to gain greater self-awareness, understanding and to feel creatively empowered.

The Bleddfa Centre is a place where the big questions of life are asked.
Neil MacGregor

What has been achieved at Bleddfa is a constant inspiration. We badly need in our society places where there is enough room to breathe – enough room to be the human beings we are meant to be, where we don’t have to leave behind the difficult, the imaginative, the silent bits of ourselves. Bleddfa continues to give that kind of room, and I hope… many more people will get a sense of why it matters so much – and also to discover that they are welcome here.
Dr Rowan Williams

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  1. Sorry to bother you but can anybody connected to the centre recall a Memorial Service for Oliver Caldicott around 1990 –
    Kind Regards –
    David R Bird –
    Ex Wildwood House –

    1. whoah this blog is fantastic i love studying your articles. Keep up the great work! You recognize, many individuals are searching around for this intormafion, you could aid them greatly.

  2. Hello David,
    I was Churchwarden at Bleddfa during the 1980’s/90’s but I have no recollection of this memorial service. Possibly it was held elsewhere….?
    Graham George

  3. Hello James,
    Crumbs, I never thought that you would boogey on the internet. However, I read the review of your recent book in the Tablet, well done, a new career @90….
    This is just to let you know that Jimmy Cornelius Costello has finally met his maker [if there is a Maker] in # 6 of the series. It’s only taken 10 years to get from Bk.1 to Bk. 6 and during that time many things have changed.
    I remembered your advice [after a long time] and now persevere as a playwright, novels were something I did with Pat, but hey ho, we all have to get on.
    Best regards,

    1. dear jim. I have only just discovered this message from you…but when and how we met eludes me! will you jog my colander memory?! my 19th book is about to be published and the 2oth already commissioned, while an earlier book of mine, Inner Journey:Outer Journey is being republished, so you can see I am trying to keep up with your output, on which many congratulations. with very warm greetings James

  4. Dear James
    In one of those serendipity moments in life, I discovered the article about you in the ‘Independent’, the Frontier Theatre and parts for older actors and young actors and then your ideas about developing the spiritual inner-self. I know that things are currently on hold with the Frontier Theatre, but as my latest play, ‘The Tree Charter Tapestry’ is cast for older and young actors (the latter at the start of their careers) and deals with the spiritual renewal of all who find themselves in an ancient woodland, I would like to invite you to come and see the play at Canwood Herefordshire 9th and 10th June. Website link below and trailer link. A little about me as a playwright: I have been long- listed and short- listed for various prizes, including the Bruntwood, Old Vic 12, Finborough ‘Introduce Yourself’ and was a finalist last year for the Terence Rattigan Playwrights’ Award. In September 2017, following my move from London, I established the Writers’ and Directors’ Workshop for professional actors, writers and directors – we meet monthly in Cheltenham and will be having a ‘By Invitation Only’ showcase of exerts from full-length plays to coincide with the Cheltenham Literary Festival in October. I can send you more information if you wish to attend this. I look forward to hearing.

    With kind regards
    Caroline (Summerfield)

  5. Dear James Roose Evans, excuse me for writing to you on this page but I have been trying to find a way of leaving you a message. You may remember me, Kevin Crawford from the Roy Hart Theatre company. I am currently writing a book about Roy Hart for Routledge. It is the first book to concentrate uniquely on the man, his life, career, and performances in some detail. I am in the Roy Hart Centre working through the archives at present. I would be very delighted if you were in agreement to do a short interview on Hart and your impressions of him from the Abraxas Club. Of course, I would understand if you would prefer not to do this at this time. Thank you for your website and your generous expression of life. Best wishes to you,
    Kevin Crawford

  6. Dear James

    I’m unsure if you remember me. I knew you in the early nineties when I worked at London Lighthouse – you were very kind to me. I also came to Bleddfa on one of your inspiring workshops. I am just reading ‘A Life Shared’ – marvellous! I have thought of you a lot over the years and just wanted to reach out again
    Much love

  7. Dear Jimmy
    I was your theatre manager at Hampstead Theatre Club back in 1969 and also Hampstead Theatre Club Stage 2 with yourself and Hywel. I can from Littledean and knew Miss Pollard.. all a long time ago. I hope life is treating you well , just watching a programme about Tennessee Williams and though of you and your wonderful theatre.
    Roger Morris

  8. Dear James
    I hope you are well, I found your site so I thought I must say hello to you, its a long time since I last saw you.I used to do your electrical work when you lived up at Waterloo. It was a beautiful home and you really restored it to a great standard. I think I first new you when myself, along with Chris James did the electrical work at the Bleddfa Centre , with WAP McColville doing the building work. I really enjoyed working there it’s a fantastic space.I do hope you are well following all this Covid we’ve going through this past couple of years, and I’m sure you are busy as you can be. All the best, regards Ray Layton, Bucknell.

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