All change: next stop!

As we enter our seventies it can be a useful practice after meditation just to sit quietly and reflect on our lives, on our journey thus far – and what may yet be in store. It is important, as we approach the end of our lives, to fill our water-pots for the journey that lies ahead, in which we shall have to learn to let go of all familiar props (including everyday worries and anxieties) and accept whatever awaits us. If there is nothing beyond death, nonetheless it is important to know and feel we have lived our lives to the full. And if there is a continuity beyond this life, then it is important to be ready for the next stage of the journey.


5 thoughts on “All change: next stop!”

  1. Dear James,
    Thank you. This underlines what has been going on in my head and heart recently as a truth and I am glad of it.
    All Blessings,
    With Love,

  2. What a good way of looking at our lives and discerning our direction. Thankyou James.
    Diana x

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