The secret of seeing

Sometimes, rather than following the breath or saying our mantra, it is enough to sit quietly with gently open eyes. This is best done in a garden or a place where there are trees and plants. If there is water around so much the better. At first there may be nothing but a babble of internal trivia. We can’t control it but simply have to wait until all the mental mud settles and the pool of the mind becomes clear. ‘Launch into the deep’, says one writer, ‘and you shall see.’ The secret of seeing is a pearl of great price.


3 thoughts on “The secret of seeing”

  1. Dear James,
    This is just the encouragement I need to believe in the way I am finding helpful right now. It is so easy to think one should or ought to follow this or that way. ‘Pray as you’ can comes to mind reading this. Thank you.
    Every blessing and my love,

  2. Thank you James. Made me smile, and also I felt reassured, and sort of validated, that sometimes it’s enough sometimes just to sit quietly and look. Love, Anna

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