The broken heart

In the Gospels we read how Mary is told that her heart must be broken so that the secrets of many shall be revealed. To each of us will come a time when this happens – a rejection at work, the end of a love affair, sudden illness, or the death of someone close to us.  We have to endure the pain and the loss, learning from the experience. This in turn will enable us, when the time comes, to be able to respond to the needs of others. 


2 thoughts on “The broken heart”

  1. The richness depth complexity growth and connection in our Communications. The delight I experienced in Gifting. Nature reaching and speaking. Discoveries at which you would be Enthused and Excited. Books you would share with your Meditation Group. Healing of insecurity thatade me feel unworthy of our Friendship. Soaring Gratitude. Astonishment. Void. Cathie

  2. I and my husband live near Bleddfa, just outside Llangunllo, and as I’ve just finished reading James’s book “Opening Doors and Windows”, I thought I would thank him for it but have instead found that he has died. Oh, dear.
    When I bought the book in late 2021 James was alive: I should have got around to reading it much sooner! Although I’m disappointed now not to be able to speak to such an accomplished neighbour, there’s a lesson in this. Carpe diem! Thank you anyway, James!

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