A blank page

Over the years I have bought many books, large and small, with hard covers and blank pages. These I use partly as commonplace books, writing in longhand passages from things I am reading, but also to record when an insight, a thought, rises to the surface. I now have a large collection of these books, full of rich quotations and insights. 

It is the same when we meditate. We make ourselves a tabula rasa, an empty canvas, onto which, either during the meditation or in the space afterwards, we find certain insights or images imprinting themselves on the blank page of our consciousness. But first we have to learn how to be a blank page!


2 thoughts on “A blank page”

  1. Thank you dearest James for being a blank page – and for all that you allowed to be written and shared. I miss you so much, but I am sure you are close at hand. With love always and with such deep appreciation for you. xxx

    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      I share your feelings about James being a blank page and like you feel he is close at hand. It is a in the process of journeying on myself now. James used to talk with me about a sense of Presence, and it has seemed to me, especially since his death, that he is absorbed into it and is present within that Presence which is somehow a reality glimpsed from time to time, that brings Peace.
      I had an amazing surprise on Retreat at Ampleforth Abbey in November; giving me name to another retreatant, he recognised it from assorted responses I have shared to James insights, at first looked utterly bemused, then smiled broadly and said “James Roose Evans!” It was not long after James’ funeral and was a real joy! We are to share a Quiet Day at Stanrook in the spring.
      Every Blessing, dear Elizabeth. I have a feeling that some time ago we may have been in contact but my brain is a bit woolly on such things these days!
      Diana Blackburn

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