Alone or together

The practice of meditation is essentially a solitary one, but meditating with others on a regular basis, perhaps once a month, is a variation that brings a different experience.  When a group shares in silence there can sometimes be a very deep sense of another presence in our midst. It was when the disciples were gathered together that the Spirit descended on them like tongues of fire. Such a shared silence begets a deep connection, and out of such groups strong friendships often develop. There is a sense of being part of a community, something that may be lacking in church services. 


One thought on “Alone or together”

  1. Dear James,
    thank you for this. I find myself nodding and being thankful. In our monthly Centering Prayer group meeting, this is something very real. It surprised me that if was also there when we were Zooming only too but for me the physical presence is stronger. Possibly because the technology does not need attention and the shared intention is easier to enter into, but anyway that is my experience.
    All blessings James and
    With Love

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