No diplomas

Even if you pay a considerable sum to learn Mindfulness meditation, this does not qualify you in any way. We each make our individual journey, and it is a journey that will continue well beyond this present existence.  There are no diplomas in enlightenment!

A few may approach the summit of awareness, such as Thomas Merton, the Buddha, Dom Bede Griffiths, St Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross, Rumi, and many of the Jewish mystics. But even they will find more ranges to climb and explore. Meanwhile, the rest of us plod along! We are the foot troops. And in that sense we encourage others, showing that the journey into silence is possible for everyone.


2 thoughts on “No diplomas”

  1. As I see it we are all companions on a journey; some may have gone further/deeper, but we are all pilgrim’s venturing along the Way of silence or mindful living.
    Thank you James.

  2. ‘Meanwhile, the rest of us plod along! We are the foot troops.’ I find this especially encouraging. Thank you James

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