Listening all day

‘I listen all day to what is inside me,’ wrote Etty Hillesum. Most people will meditate for perhaps fifteen minutes a day or even thirty, but Etty sets the example of an ongoing practice which might take the form of mentally repeating one’s mantra, or simply withdrawing into the inner silence, while doing chores. It is what a seventeenth-century Carmelite, Brother Lawrence, called The Practice of the Presence of God. As someone who wakes several times in the night I often find myself whispering into the darkness the words of the mantra I was given: ‘God is present. God is here. God is now.’ Repeated at intervals throughout the day it becomes a lifeline connecting one to the deep centre within one.


4 thoughts on “Listening all day”

  1. I like your mantra, James…I say the agnus dei in Latin. I think it was Fr Paul of St Peter’s Belsize Park who sugested saying the Lord’s Prayer while washing hands in this pandemic to make sure you wash them for long enough. I do that.

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