Journeying to the frontier

All myths of the frontier are maps of an interior reality. At the deepest level the frontier is within each one of us. And the frontier leads to others that we must cross as we search for the unfolding mystery of life and its meaning. Only at the end of the journey may it be said of us, as it was of Gilgamesh, ‘He was wise, he saw mysteries, and knew secret things. He went on a long journey, was weary, worn out with labour, and returning, engraved on stone the whole story.’


One thought on “Journeying to the frontier”

  1. James, Thank you. That is so beautiful. Holy week always highlights deep things and for me I have been leapfrogging to Jesus saying to Mary Mag on Easter morning to tell the others ‘ go to Gallilee’… and they would find him there. For the first time it has struck me that the lake was ‘home’ to many of them who were fishermen there. A reminder to me that it is important to recognise and respect roots – a reminder of what Rumi says, ‘stay in the roots of of your being…’ in order to rest in the reality of who we are and know we are loved. You introduced me to that wisdom, James. Another blessing!
    A Happy, Peaceful Easter.
    With Love,

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