Travelling slowly

The writer Pearl Binder once remarked, ‘I always travel slowly and obscurely, on cargo ships and slow trains. I travel for the sake of what I see on the way.’  Today, however, we seem more concerned with getting as quickly as possible from A to Z. How rarely on a train journey do we put down our mobile phones and look out of the window at the passing scenery? 


4 thoughts on “Travelling slowly”

  1. I do so agree. Whether it’s partly to do with my age, but everything seems to go too quickly for me. At least in lockdown it has given an opportunity to stop and ‘smell the roses’. Or just the air. Or just the damp earth. Lovely!

  2. I’m nodding again, James. The senses seem more alive, aware of treasures, like sparkling of dew on the grass in early sunshine, sprinkled like diamonds for us to walk on whether noticed or not! When we stop rushing there is time to notice, to be where we are, to consider the generous gift life is; to receive each moment and savor it,is just such a joy!

  3. Reminds me of the poem by W.M. Davies
    What is this life if full of care
    We have no time to stand and stare.
    In these difficult times a chance to become more aware of nature has been a great help to me.
    Thank you James

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