In a Dark Place

There is a line from a poem by Emily Dickinson: ‘Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.’

She is not speaking literally, of course, since if we wanted to watch the dawn come up we would simply open either our front or back door. She is speaking about those times of darkness in our lives which we all experience at some point. It may be that our relationship or marriage is at breaking point, or there is a problem with our health, or we have been declared redundant and there is no sign of work on the horizon. The instances are many and, at such times, we cannot see a way forward. But, as the practice of meditation teaches us, if we persevere, light does come and then we see a way forward, or even more than one way.

Most growth comes through a time of trial, and I am reminded of this every time I look up from my laptop at some words calligraphed on canvas which hang on the wall above my desk:

‘At midnight noon is born.’


2 thoughts on “In a Dark Place”

  1. Hi James
    Greetings from Devon!
    Enjoying your book on what lies beneath and got to thinking that we spend 9 months constrained in the womb. It’s dark and we are restricted and emerge into the light, in some ways it’s like a connection with Mother except it’s Mother Earth.
    I like scuba diving and love that feeling of being immersed and again it feels like a throwback to being surrounded by amniotic fluids in the womb.
    Just thought I’d throw that into the pot.
    Keep up the good work
    Warm wishes
    Bill Nevvin

  2. James, thank you. It never ceases to surprise me that your posts hit the spot so often when I need them. Dear man, you are an encouragement!
    Love Diana

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