Heart to Heart

Today I just want to quote some words from a writer who has much influenced me, the Sufi master, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee:

From heart to heart love’s potency is passed. The greatness of the path always amazes me, how people are at the right place at the right time, when their heart needs to know its connection. I have come to sense this underlying web that holds us all together.


10 thoughts on “Heart to Heart”

  1. A dear friend of mine, now dead, used to say, ” you find what you need and need what you find.”

  2. How many times does someone get in touch, as if by chance, just when one needs some kind comfort.

  3. This illuminating quote has changed something I already knew but could only see in un-joined up pieces. As I read it I experienced ‘the underlying web’, its strength, its unity.

    I like reading your blogs at the beginning of the day.

    Thank you, James

  4. Thank you again, James.
    I feel all the people I have known as threads in the ever-changing tapestry of who I am.

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