Time to Move

You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Move on from here. Continue your journey. Know this and then understand. Return and re-build Jerusalem.

These words from the Old Testament apply to those many occasions in life when we get stuck, and yet we realise it is time to move on. ‘Re-building Jerusalem’ is then seen as re-building our own inner citadel. It may be that we are faced with divorce, or the loss of our job, or the failure of a project on which we have set our heart. In each case it is time to move on!


2 thoughts on “Time to Move”

  1. Thank you James for your recent message. Yes, we are all on our journey. It is a wonderful Springlike one to counteract so much darkness in our daily lives.
    Thank you and in prayer,

  2. Dear James, That was extremely timely to read. In fact I had just sent an email to turn down some work for a friend and was worrying about it. Then I clicked on your email .
    I hope you are well.

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