At the Frontier

Today I would like to quote from a small book recently published by Mud Pie Books entitled The Buddha by Tony Morris. At one point he says:

The point of meditation is not to confine one’s practice to perfecting a particular mental technique but, rather, to bring it into every aspect of daily life, at all times of day or night. In this regard meditation becomes a sensibility as much as a practice, something we do with every breath and every step we take.

This is my own practice, to repeat mentally my mantra throughout the day and whenever I wake in the night. Gradually one becomes aware of a deep well within from which we constantly draw nourishment and healing.

Let me end with some words from Markings, the journal of Dag Hammarskjöld, a remarkable Secretary-General of the United Nations:

Now. When I have overcome my fears – of others, of myself, of the underlying darkness – at the frontier of the unheard-of. Here ends the known. But from a source beyond it, something fills my being with its possibilities – at the frontier.


2 thoughts on “At the Frontier”

  1. Thank you very much james for the reflection which i like very much and find exhilarating!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I hope you are enjoying the arrival of the Daffodils “That come before the swallows dare and take the winds of March with Beauty” Winter’s Tale.
    I am an old friend of Barbara Taylor Norwich I know she is now in Heaven. She loved you very much as did Rena Cocks.

  2. James–I just finished Blue Hills Remembered. Thank you for writing this sweet compendium of recollections. It filled me from beginning to end. Went on Amazon and left a review as well. Thank you for inviting me all those years ago to teach at the center in Bleddfa. It will always have a special place in my heart.

    Elizabeth keeps has kept me posted on her conversations with you each time she returns to England. I have been quite busy on a number of fronts. Developing programs for schools and educators focused on helping them embrace a more expansive story, and have evolved a method to assist teachers and students to discover their calling and how to harness the power of story to transform their lives. Just wrapping up a guidebook that I and a partner in the work are going to publish. You can learn more at and Also continuing to paint in my spare time. Take a look at some of the new work at

    Blessings on you and thanks for being our friend.

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