There are statues of smiling Buddhas, and the images of such contemporary Buddhist teachers as the Dalai Lama, Sogyal Rinpoche and many more, show them as laughing.

Someone once sent me a card which I have pinned up in front of me. It reads, ‘Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves – for they will have endless amusement!’

We can become too earnest about our practice of meditation; we can try too hard. I often recall the words of my Alexander teacher: ‘Be focused, but not intense!’

Lightness and ease, a sense of mischief, bubbling laughter, are among the priceless gifts of deep meditation.


4 thoughts on “Laughing”

  1. I believe that is absolutely right. We have had many trials and tribulations over the years and have always managed to find a funny side to them. The day I can’t laugh at something is the day I will really worry!

  2. Meditation

    The sea’s milky breathing
    Slows to mine with
    Dawning stillness

    Whiteout thrill of Zen

    In hollow pause
    Between the now and then
    Up a middle way
    Before a thought

    Darts a determined Wren
    And lands upon my head
    A statue perch
    The feather touch, the tickle
    Puts a smile upon the Buddha

    Fills the day

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