A personal note

When I applied to be ordained as a non-stipendiary priest, I wrote on my form that, as far as I could see anything, I saw my ministry as being a bridge that would unite opposites: it would be less a matter of doing than of simply being. It was my task to be what I had always been – a catalyst.

People pass through a threshold into new territory; it is both a departure and an arrival. A threshold is not necessarily a door, rather it is a frontier which calls for decision and commitment. Do I cross or not?  Each of us is a pilgrim and like all true pilgrims we are here to help each other on the journey. 


11 December 2022

James’s funeral took place a month today, on his 95th birthday, 11 November 2022. It was a perfect occasion.

We have added a section to his website in which you will find:

  • The Order of Service
  • Reflections on James’s life
  • Newspaper Obituaries
  • James speaking his favourite Psalm.

We will continue to send you James’s fortnightly blogs and continue to update the website.

Warmest Yuletide Greetings!