From beyond

From the dimension of reality that is beyond all verifiable dimensions, from beyond time and space, we receive intimations of meaning that sustain us. It has nothing to do with the imagination or with fantasy; rather, it is another kind of knowing, a received knowledge, intuitive rather than intellectual. Our age so venerates the intellect that it is chary of that which cannot be neatly analysed and catalogued by the intellect.

Each one of us is capable of tuning in to this other dimension of reality through prayer or meditation, through the heightened awareness that comes from an inner listening.  For there is within us all the wisdom we can ever need.


6 thoughts on “From beyond”

  1. There is such encouragement in this, and it is also present in the wisdom of the desert fathers and mothers of the church and humble contemplative writers throughout the ages.

    With Thanksgiving for James, and all who enable these posts now.
    Peace and Presence
    Diana Blackburn

  2. This is of comfort and confirmation of something that we intuitively sense and experience. These regular blogs are immensely restorative. Thankyou and blessings.

  3. Yes, thank you for these regular messages. In the middle of a fraught morning I stopped for a little and just breathed as I read.

  4. Thank you so much. I agree with all the responses. I am grateful beyond words for these posts from dear James and for those of you who are enabling this to happen.
    My morning too was very stressful and James’ words came in and it was like light shining into my day and changing things.
    What a blessing this is.
    I love you James. xxx

  5. Years of living in India have taught me the limits of what is offered as knowledge by modern “iinstiutes of learing. What I have .learnt not surprisingly,confirms so much of James knowledge we used to discuss whenever I came back to London. This continuing series of blog esbled me to contnuue tihs learning propcess. Thank you so much.

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