In past centuries those wanting to enter a monastery would be made to stand outside for three days and nights. Only if they persevered would they then be admitted as postulants. And so it is with all who meditate. We sit outside a door waiting for it to open. Occasionally it does. We hear music from beyond and yet we know it is not our time to enter. It is our task to wait patiently at the threshold. That is all we have to do.


3 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. Reading this is so very timely personally. I sense it is just
    what I need to do, and it reminds me of that mysterious communication of believers that is eternal.
    Dear James, it is coming up to his Year’s Mind. He talked often about Presence, and it is surely alive between people of faith.
    I am filled with thankfulness.
    Diana Blackburn

  2. Thank you Diana. I very much agree and, like you, I am filled with thankfulness – and always will be. Dear and wonderful James.

  3. Waiting at the threshold: it is sometimes enough to know there is a threshold. Though- provoking words as always from James.

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