When Jesus says, ‘In my Father’s house there are many mansions,’ I think of this as ‘many dimensions’. People who have had a Near-Death Experience overwhelmingly report a feeling of certainty that life continues after we have deceased.  Those who have had such an experience – and there are now millions of recorded instances – speak of death as nothing other than a different state of being.  They set less store by money and material possessions, and report instead a deepening of spiritual values. They realise that everything and everybody is connected.


2 thoughts on “Beyond”

  1. Thank you James. I am reading the remarkable book “Soundscapes” written by Paul Robertson of the Medici Quartet. In it he describes his ‘death’ in 2008 and the many visions he had whilst being in a coma for many weeks. It completely changed his understanding of the world and the meaning of music. He died in 2016, the year his book was published

  2. Dear Mary, yes. it is a remarkable book. There ARE MANY BOOKS now in pint re NDEs – thank you for writing, James

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