The Going of an Inland Soul to the Sea

Emily Dickinson wrote in a poem, ‘O Sea, my River runs to thee!’ A similar thought is found in the Upanishads, the sacred teachings of ancient India. People follow different streams – some straight, some meandering, according to their temperament and the prevailing culture, depending on what they consider best and most appropriate to their needs; but, in the end, ‘all reach You just as rivers enter the ocean’.


3 thoughts on “The Going of an Inland Soul to the Sea”

  1. I was at a Memorial Service on Saturday. My friend was 92, and very proud of her Welsh Heritage. Family name was Powell; or APowell; or perhaps APowyl in Welsh. One of the songs that was played was All Through The Night sung in Welsh. I always thought of this song as being a lullaby, but now reading the words, it is a song of life’s journey; new born hope, life, work, longing and aspirations, and weariness. Love dreamed of, and lost. Earthly dust from thee shaken, and the journey taken home through the night. …Cathie

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