When we are first learning to meditate it helps to find the right setting where one can be silent and alone. But as we become accustomed to the practice we should be able to meditate anywhere, alone or in company, in silence or amidst much noise.

We have first to learn how to subdue the wandering mind and our innate restlessness, but slowly out of the inner calm emerges freedom from all disturbing emotions, anxiety, grief or depression.


3 thoughts on “Anywhere!”

  1. SO..oooo relevant for me right now. Thank you.
    I have not made it to London recently, but hope to be up several times in the New Year.
    Thank you


  2. Dear James, I’m nodding again. Thankyou. Giving yourself the opportunity to LEARN, get going, trip up, without judging yourself or finding excuses; better by far, to laugh at oneself then start again because silence and meditation beckon and nourish the soul. I’ve just found a small group of like-minded “prayers” which is a real encouragement, we meet about once a month, mixed denominations — through Sr Philippa at Stanbrook, by chance. Chance ? God moves in mysterious ways ! Every blessing. Love Diana

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