Often when meditating, no matter how experienced we might be, the mind keeps wandering off and we have to call it back. I am reminded of training our cavalier spaniel who would keep darting off in different directions, and each time I would have to say ‘Heel!’ Patiently of course. Shouting does no good.

So now, whenever my mind wanders, I mentally say ‘Heel!’

But when our mind does dart off, it is important not to squash the thought: it may be quite innocuous, or it may contain some bitterness, resentment or anger that suddenly wells up. We need to look at it dispassionately, acknowledge it, and then return to our meditation. We will find that over time the bitterness or anger, or whatever, will gradually dissolve.


One thought on “Heel!”

  1. I stand aside
    to sit alone
    on the edge of a ridge
    of hidden tears

    Longingly looking
    across a sunless hollow
    to a love
    on the other side

    For you
    a bride now out of sight.

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