Down to Earth

The practice of silent stillness leads to an increased awareness of ourselves and others, to a greater humility – and a quicker sense of humour!

It is all too easy to become too intense, too solemn, too precious about meditating, taking ourselves too seriously. It is essential to keep in touch with the humus or soil of reality. To be related to the humus will beget humility, and true humility ripens into humour. As we become less and less deceived about ourselves we have fewer illusions and are therefore more aware of other people as themselves and not as carriers of our psychological projections.

We become, quite simply, quite naturally, more down to earth.


3 thoughts on “Down to Earth”

  1. I`ve shared this gem on Facebook with the photo of James that we see to the left of this.

    I so needed to hear it and probably need to return to it again and again. I love the hum which links humus, humanity, humility and humour.

    The Sufis say that one of the names of God is Hu. Our origin, our goal, our presence.

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