A knowledge beyond knowledge

At intervals the great Teachers descend in our midst as though they have come from on high, as though there were a region above and beyond our known universe. Not the physical heaven as imagined but rather a region of the super-conscious, for, if there is a sub-conscious then we must be able to envisage a super-conscious.

Here on this planet the Masters, the Enlightened Ones, speak to us of the Transcendent. Carl Jung once remarked to my analyst, Dr Franz Elkisch: ‘Each one of us is capable of being a transistor, each of us can tune in to the ‘other’ or ‘more’ dimension of reality, through meditation or prayer – the label doesn’t matter – through a heightened awareness of reality.’


2 thoughts on “A knowledge beyond knowledge”

  1. I was at my Quaker Meeting recently and we had a young Friend visiting who spoke of the presence of a Teacher in a Meeting for Worship. It is so possible to be aware of this presence.

  2. Oh! How wonderful it is to receive these still! Thank you dear James for your foresight as well as your insight. Much love to you. xx

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