Slow growth

Such are the times we live in that we all seem to want instant results and are impatient if we are kept waiting. We need to learn from Nature, just by sitting in a garden, or a park, or in open country.  It is easy to meet with our friends on a bench in a park rather than in a noisy restaurant. Nature follows the seasons, and perhaps the one season from which we can learn most is winter, when everything seems dead. Yet we know that, deep underground, roots are at work, the sap is slowly rising, and when the moment of Spring comes the trees will put forth fresh leaves and the flowers will blossom. As with life, so also in our practice of meditation, we learn to be patient.


3 thoughts on “Slow growth”

  1. This is so important. The older I get the closer to nature I feel – I have a real need to be in it now, every day. I wonder if this is always the way. As our future shrinks nature provides something expansive and without end.
    Thank you.

  2. Dear James,
    Thank you for this. It is so true and brings to mind a short phrase which has been important to me for ages – if I remember it correctly by Pier Chardin, “Trust in the slow work of God”
    I need that reminder and in the slowing down it’s an opportunity to observe to enjoy and be thankful in a deeper way.

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