However centred we may become through the practice of meditation, we are still only beginners. Attracted by our centredness, people may be drawn to us to talk about their innermost fears, anxieties, weaknesses. Our task, when this happens, is simply to listen. Often that is all that is required. What we must avoid is the temptation to give advice. It is the totality of our listening that can often act as a mirror for the other person.


2 thoughts on “Listening”

  1. Dear James
    Thank you, as always. I could not agree more. Beautifully put – and a message much needed to be heard.

  2. Dear James,
    Thank you for this. Circumstances have meant I’ve not got round to reading it till just now and it is so very valuable. It is so good to be reminded that both when called to listen to another, or being the person needing to express something deep to a trusted friend, advice is not the goal. Listening and waiting is. The comfort of being able to express things, and of being chosen to listen, is a blessing shared, an encouragement of quiet, trusting patience in the here and now where God’ presence is already at work even when we cannot see or feel it.
    With thankfulness and much love James.

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