3 thoughts on “Spotted: James’ book on the tube”

  1. Yes, a wonderful book! Includes some good advice for insomniacs like me:
    ‘At night, whenever I am awake, I repeat my mantra, as I do during the day. As I lie there in the dark, I have an ever-deepening sense of being held and surrounded by love, which has grown over the years. Yet it is a puzzle to me how many do not have this experience, how concepts such as God get in the way (30 August).’

  2. My dear Dear Mr Roose-Evans, I have just stumbled upon your blog after a lifetime searching for a book which my grandparents Arthur & Jhes Lusby gave me, and I subsequently lost, which I misremembered as “When Little Bear met Great Bear”.

    Almost 50 years on I learn that, like me, that little bear was a little ODD, of course! So I’m re-reading my childhood story, and finding so much joy and resonance. I write this brief note from Dinas Emrys where I have been sleeping in the wilds. I shall now have to call it Bear Mountain!

    So much more that I wish to say, and that I wish to learn from you while we have time. I trust that post sent to the Bleddfa Centre will reach you? Well, whether it will or nay, that is to where I shall be writing, the good old fashioned way.

    Because I too am slowly becoming old, and it’s joyful!

    With the kindest of regards,
    A little bear just entering his third age

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