Experimental Theatre: from Stanislavsky to Peter Brook

Experimental Theatre - original book jacket
Original edition book jacket

James Roose-Evans, one of Britain’s most experienced and innovative┬ádirectors and founder of the Hampstead Theatre, surveys the history of the avant-garde in the theatre from its origins through such key figures as Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Craig, Appia, Copeau, Artaud, Piscator, Brecht, Grotowski and up to the most recent experiments of Peter Brook’s magnificent Mahabharata.

This is a new, enlarged edition of a highly successful and widely-used book. As James Roose-Evans himself writes: ‘I am convinced that if one is a practitioner of theatre it is an essential part of one’s task to see and know what is going on in all of the arts. We have much to learn from one another as well as from the lessons of history.’

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