Asking questions

Among the many sayings of Jesus is: ‘Seek and you shall find. Ask and it shall be given unto you.’ But it is plain that often we do not find what we seek, nor do we get our prayers answered!  So what on earth was Jesus saying? Again, it comes down to the mistake of taking his teachings literally. First, we have to know what it is we are truly seeking in the depths of our lives. Only then will we know what to ask for. Jesus’ way of teaching can be deceptive. As with Japanese koans, we have to live with his teachings until their deeper meaning is revealed.


2 thoughts on “Asking questions”

  1. God Bless this peace-giving reminder from James, that things take time to discover ! It is a blessing – such a blessing – to receive this post. Thankyou for sharing it’s blessing. There is a deep sense of God’s Presence in it, and with that, a sense of comfort and joy in James’s ‘Homecoming’ . May we travel onward together.

  2. So true. Prayer often does not seem to be answered but there is a long term and there are deep meanings which can emerge over many years . Thank you for keeping James with us

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