Be still

Our civilisation would seem to be approaching extinction.  While employing every means to try and alert mankind to the dangers that lie ahead, sadly, tragically, few of the world’s politicians seem aware that we stand at the edge of a precipice. So, what can we, as individuals, do?  Become better human beings! To be aware of what lies beyond this present existence, and especially how we relate to one another, for at this time of global trial, we are more involved than ever. Once again we come to the two commands that Jesus gave: to love God (however we interpret that word) with all our heart, and  to love our neighbour as ourself.  Unless we learn these lessons our civilisation will disappear. These are indeed sombre times.


5 thoughts on “Be still”

  1. Yes, indeed dear James. Your words this morning make me think of ‘a voice crying in the wilderness’. How we need truth.

  2. Most gloom comes through the media that only loves to pour its swill into wide open troughs.
    I believe there are plenty of loving neighbours quietly giving light across the opening world and making the ‘wilderness’ flourish.

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