Loneliness has become a symptom of the times in which we live. In the U.K. alone some 7.7 million people live alone, while the Alzeimer’s Society reports that 5 million people over 75 say their only company is television.

In addition to this, we know that, rather than feeling more linked with their peers as a result of digital technology, some children are feeling increasingly isolated. One can have a thousand friends on Facebook but not one with a flesh and blood face.

We must never lose the precious sense of being part of a community. In the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, ‘The greatest suffering in the world is being lonely, feeling unloved, just having no-one. I have come more and more to realise that the worst disease today that any human being can experience is being unwanted.’


2 thoughts on “Loneliness”

  1. Dear James. Thank you. How frighteningly true this is.
    A small thing, as we walk along or pass by a stranger, like a smile can mean so much. It is a little thing that can give so much. It affirms, and bring s a sense of connection with others, offers encouragement, both to the giver of the smile and the recipient. It opens doors and is a way of thankfulness.
    With a smile and
    With Love,

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