New year resolution

There is just one resolution above all that we need to make if we practise meditation, and that is to persevere. In season and out. Even when distractions surround us like a swarm of gnats!   Our life may seem barren; yet always, deep down, are untapped resources. We have only to reach down into our inner depths and wait for the new life to bubble up.


3 thoughts on “New year resolution”

  1. Dear James, This makes me smile because it is so very true both of the temptation to give up and of the untapped resources that will bubble up again and again, when we struggle on. Thank you!
    Blessings for the New Year
    With Love

  2. I do so agree on the importance of perseverance James. Even when our meditation practice seems barren we should be mindful that as in the winter garden, unseen, life is stirring.
    Warm regards

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