At this time of the year many, especially the elderly, find the long darkness of winter difficult. As one woman wrote to me, ‘This is always a bad time of the year for me. I seem to go down as the darkness descends and only pick up a bit when it starts to get light again.’ It is no wonder, therefore, that our ancestors in the West grew fearful at this time of the year, and lit beseeching fires that the Sun might not die but recover. And each year, with the coming of the Winter Solstice, they regarded with wonder the rebirth of the Sun, as light began to return, redeeming the darkness. The old Celtic spirituality was deeply rooted in Nature, and it is from Nature that we learn the ultimate lesson: that at the moment of deepest darkness light returns – at midnight noon is born.


3 thoughts on “Darkness”

  1. as i never thought i would ever become old and suffer through many things, i’m 64and very immature for my age. but after i suffered a stroke and by the grace of god i have learned many enlightening skills, especially after 5 failed attempted suicides, after the fifth god literally, sat me down and shaking a finger in my face and chastised,me. the ironic thing is when james was my teacher in 1975, i performed a solo piece using my scarf which he entitled the story of job. after my stroke, i cursed god for undservingly taking everything away from me without any sign of a light at the end of the tunnel. of course i was wrong. 1,000 fold. 2 words “KEEP BUSY” it is my advice to anyone in dark times, especially now with covid, don’t just sit there saying “poor me” do something if not for yourself or others. i whisper these words into the ears of those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. a woman from my church who visited me every week for talks and communion, lost her husband suddenly. of course i was empathetic, but advised her to keep busy and to this day she thanks me. but bless her heart she ended up becoming too busy. there can be light in the darkness, but the sun will return at the end of that tunnel. there’s a cute and funny refrigerator magnet stating “JESUS IS COMING, LOOK BUSY!” this comment was supposed to be short and sweet, but in my elderly years i’ve eaered the right to ramble on stay safe and may the grace of god with you, jeffrey

  2. Thank you, James. I read all your blogposts, and specially like this time the concluding phrase ” at midnight noon is born”.
    With love – Anne

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