Skeletons in the cupboards!

A commonly recurring image in dreams is that of a house in which unsuspected rooms are discovered, or dry rot is found. In such dreams, as also in reality, a person may have within them many locked rooms which have never been entered, where the shutters remain unopened and no light penetrates. It is not surprising, therefore, that we speak of ‘skeletons in cupboards’.

Until we have learned to open up all our rooms, whether through meditation or some form of therapy, we cannot expect to grow spiritually. It is like a garden. Until the ground is cleared of weeds, bright new shoots cannot break through.


4 thoughts on “Skeletons in the cupboards!”

  1. I’m just nodding James! This Easter has been full of light in places I didn’t know had been without it! A revelation and perhaps the beginning again, of healing. Easter’s Joys be with you deeply James.
    With love,

  2. Dear James,
    Thank yoiu very much for these thoughtful words. I think of you in your lovely little garden and long for the time when i can come and drink tea with you there again Mark.

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