The wisdom of the East

The ancient teaching of synchronicity, that there is a pattern and a purpose to everything in the universe – including a world-wide pandemic such as Covid – is exemplified in the ancient Book of Changes which, if explored in the right spirit, always yields a thought-provoking answer. I recall once consulting it about a new project I had in mind. β€˜The idea is good but now is not the time,’ came the sharp response!

Faced with sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles, one has only to ponder Hexagram 39. It states:

Difficulties and obstructions throw a man back upon himself. While the inferior man seeks to put the blame on other persons, bewailing his fate, the superior man seeks the error within himself and through this introspection the external obstacle becomes for him an occasion for inner enrichment and education.


One thought on “The wisdom of the East”

  1. A great post, thank you James.
    Your realism and wonderful humour continue to shine!

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