Rock Bottom

There are times when, though we lower our bucket down into the well of meditation, the source seems to have dried up. What is the point of it all? we cry.  And yet, unknown to use, there are many mountain springs deep down, so that, if we persevere, then our well begins to fill again.

It is the same in any marriage or committed relationship. The American author Madeleine L’Engle, writing in Two-Part Invention, observes:

The growth of love is not a straight line but a series of hills and valleys. I suspect that in every good marriage there are times when love seems to be over. Sometimes these desert lines are simply the only way to the next oasis. Most growth comes through times of trial.

And so it is with the practice of meditation.


2 thoughts on “Rock Bottom”

  1. Oh yes, Thanks James for this. This is the second attempt to send a response as the other vanished! “Trust in the slow work of God” as Teilhard de Chardin says. Learning ones need of that is part of the blessing. Love and prayers for Christmas to you and those you love.

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