Hand to the Plough

If we want to learn to play a musical instrument we know that this means practising daily. The same is true of any skill – it is a question of application. Jesus said, ‘No man having put his hand to the plough and looking backwards is worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven.’ In other words we have to make a commitment and persevere. The practice of meditation is perhaps even more demanding than ploughing in that it requires us to let go of all mental processes, to set to one side those endless thoughts that buzz like bluebottles! We have to empty our minds and rest in the stillness, to be patient and simply persevere, day in and day out.


One thought on “Hand to the Plough”

  1. Hello James, How true this is! I am reminded of a story at the beginning of his first sermon given by our then new Parish Priest in the 80’s, about two flies buzzing round the top of a packet of cereals in the kitchen, the second saying to the first “why are we flying round the top of this packet” and the first replying”because it says tear round top of packet”! MMM. our intention is meditation is to leave the former mindset behind for the sake of something far more transforming than itself.
    Continuing Love and prayer, Diana

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