Open to change

Dreams have played an important part in the history of nations as well as of individuals, long before the emergence of the psychology of dreams. But when we are fortunate enough to have what I would refer to as a significant dream, we should not treat it like a crossword puzzle, but learn to meditate on the dream, to carry it about with us, allowing it slowly to reveal its deeper meaning. As Gurdjieff said, ‘One does not set out to change one’s self; one merely becomes open to the possibility of change the more aware one becomes’.


3 thoughts on “Open to change”

  1. I love this idea of a dream being carried about with us, (like a marsupial carrying its young,) allowing it to reveal itself more fully as we ponder and treasure it. Also the quote from Gurdjieff is spot on! ( I have to admit to knowing nothing of him and am about to Google him.) Thank you for both. A good start for Lent and scratches where I itch!

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