Herald of Joy

Silence is not easily found in Western society nowadays. In many households the television is on all day even when no-one is watching or listening. People are locked into their mobiles and I-pods and do not hear the sound of birds or children playing.

Yet silence remains a precious gift which goes way beyond any words we may speak. As Claudio says in Much Ado About Nothing, ‘Silence is the perfect’st herald of joy; I were little happy if I could say how much’.

In our practice of meditation we sit in silence. We learn that — in the words of the Welsh poet R.S.Thomas — ‘the meaning is in the waiting’. Slowly, over weeks and months, the sands within us shift and change; we find ourselves growing into a deeper aware-ness, more alert to the needs of others, while neuroses and other problems dissolve of their own accord. We have only to persevere in our practice.


7 thoughts on “Herald of Joy”

  1. Thank you so much James. I always look forward to reading what you have written and each time I love what you communicate.

  2. The word on the page is silent. It wants to be heard, so I voice it. Can it remain the same, when expressed with breath?

  3. I love to read your blog whenever I get the chance. Do you appear anywhere on video, TV or DVD? So thoughtful and inspiring. Thanks for all you do. Sincerely, Steve Bissell, Eye 2 C

  4. Thank you James. What you say is so true. Perhaps it’s only when we accept the opportunity of a quiet moment, or better still plan it into our lives, that we begin to realise it is our own noise we need to let go of to seek peace . Encouragement and a loving nudge is always a help! “Screwtape” tries all his tricks to keep us busy and the ego at work.

  5. The sound of silence as experienced in a deserted Breton Chapel perhaps. You once said that my father, John Brain, had created a building with the atmosphere of a Breton Chapel in a letter of condolence to my mother in November 1970 – in The Lea near RossonWye. Do you remember?


  6. hello james
    thankyou for the book you gave Sharon to give to me I’m glad you were pleased with the covers,if you need anything else please let me know,i had no idea you were involved in theatre as ive always been interested in the whole thing, I will visit wales one day ive heard its a beautiful place thanks again

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