The Way In

We live at a time when, increasingly, we need to study and absorb other religious traditions, for the emergence of a global society has brought with it the idea that we must develop a new consciousness and identity as world citizens, finding enrichment by relating to wider perspectives.

The only true way forward is the way within. It is a movement that must well up within each one of us. The way forward is quite simply the way inwards. That is the way in.


2 thoughts on “The Way In”

  1. Hello and good morning James, it is Harriet (Frazer) and I have been soooooo out of touch but would really LOVE to see you again.

    Shall I ring when a good time for us to meet perhaps?

    This is a wonderful post from you.. they all are in their different ways but this is speaking particularly to me today.

    Much love from Harriet PS I retired from Memorials by Artists two years ago and loving the freedom (still a bit involved though)

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